Saturday, August 31, 2013


The last time I saw my friend Tia was when Jed was born. He has grown up seeing the pictures of her and her three eldest kidlets in his 'Book of Jed'. Tia moved to Vancouver to be with her partner shortly afterwards. She has come back to her turangawaewae and whanau and friends for a visit and yesterday, we met again. It is a good friend when your eyes meet and the years and miles disappear and you carry on where you left off. We talked and talked. Until the chocolate hit the kids bloodstreams and we left the cafe and headed for the open air. Then we talked some more, wandering all the while, and just followed the kids, exploring puddles, sand dunes, wildlife, currents and wind. 

As Jed gets older we do less of that 'just being' and more 'doing'. There seems to be more places to be and things to do. I loved getting back to some luxuriously slow hours and hours of just being present to the land and the people I was with. Special times shared with some special people. 

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