Saturday, August 10, 2013

it feels like spring

It was a beautiful afternoon yesterday and our half an hour at the beach turned into glorious several hours. The dishes, work calls, all waited patiently while we sat, ate ice creams, ran around, looked for crabs, made our shadows creep up on each other and laughed. I forgive the long drive on that dangerous road into town on late winter afternoons like this.

Neither of us wore a coat. On our way back we met up with some beautiful new friends (Hello Amber and Oban, Raewyn and Samuel!), the kids played in the sand dunes, we grown ups hung out. Our several hours stretched a bit longer. 

Special moments like this. Just sitting. Looking out to sea. Connected but off in our own thoughts.

I love days like this. I love this place and I so love that Jed is my son. We are a great team.

I have so much to be grateful for.
What are you grateful for today? 


  1. Beautiful day Anissa; family, friends and a stunning place to be. What could be better?