Thursday, August 29, 2013

mokau magic

We are back from a trip down country to see friends and whanau in Whanganui and Palmerston North. We drove back up along the west coast of Taranaki this time. I am so glad we did.
Sheesh, New Zealand is beautiful. 
We broke the trip up by staying a night at the Mokau Motel.
The next morning the little dude took us down a secret path. Surfer dad was headed straight for the waves but I followed the little dude. Through the undergrowth, down some old steps in the bank, the path wound through a bamboo thicket and a tunnel of trees before emerging at a waterfall. All the way down I could hear Jed whispering under his breath, 'This is SO cool'.

And it just kept getting better. He discovered a waterfall next. Whoa. But wait, there is more...

...then, a cave!

One of those magical times of exploration that we grown-ups would have completely missed, had we not had a small adventurer to follow.

And all this was just across the road from the motel.
You can just see it at the top of the road in the picture below.
Laurel and Murray assure me that the spot Jed found is a great safe place to swim in the summer and that you can leap off that big rock. I look forward to doing just that. 

Jed forgot his pillow at the motel and Laurel very kindly went out of her way to post it back to him, and wouldn't even let me re-imburse postage. And Murray had given us freshly caught guernard for our supper that night. Super duper nice people those two. 
It doesn't get more beautiful or real NZ than Mokau. Right on the Mokau rivermouth, surly local shopkeepers and a motel to remember. You know where to stay on the Taranaki coast now.
Mokau Motel, we will be back. 


  1. I've enjoyed staying in Mokau too, when I've travelled to Taranaki. I stayed in a little bach last time. It's a wild and wonderful place. Jed is a great explorer.

    1. It's new to me...the first time we drove past at Easter I was enchanted. Love to go back in the summer now. How funny it would have been to have found you there?!