Friday, August 2, 2013

Soup night

I am keeping busy with fingers in a few pies. Once a month a catering friend and I cook two enormous pots of soup or curry, 8 cakes, 12 loaves of 5 grain bread and a few huge trays of ciabatta. We cook all day. 
It's community soup night. Where older folk, children and all sorts come out to meet, talk, eat good food and groove to some local DJ goodness. It's not a big earner. Ahem. At all. But, it's magic to set the scene for such good times. 
I love to cook. I love to cook for large groups of people especially. I used to cook every Friday with my then partner Sky Blue (and yes, he was born at the commune) for 100+ people at Twin Oaks Community, where we lived in Central Virginia. When I moved back to NZ and lived alone for the first time ever, it took me months to get used to cooking for one. I'd cook and then be eating the same thing for a week. And then be freezing some.

And thank you, Anna Browne, for whipping up such a great poster for us. Free soup for you!

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