Friday, September 20, 2013

adventure medicine

There have been some tough times for my boy and I at various times this year so it is with great pleasure I say we're both in a good place. Not to diss the more challenging parts of life. I try to just flow with whatever's up and not judge, let the rough times pass over me, learn from them and move on. Maybe unload with a bit of co-counselling along the way. I am a fairly upbeat, contented sort usually and I am not down on hard times, but y'know...a bit of balance is good. I have been soaking up the feelings of being connected with my boy, watching him reaching out further to the world and learn, build and dream. 

There have been many an adventure off into the bush lately. Just the two of us, or with a pack of fellow homeschoolers, each journey into the bush holding different discoveries. We saw a wild pig just metres away by the stream. Watched a kahu swoop in for it's kill. Went on a tadpole hunt and one day, just lay on our backs in the spring sun and watched the patterns forming in the clouds. 

Life feels so rich when I can slow down enough to soak it all in. Hard times, good times, they all pass. It's the journey that counts. 

Something I read on facebook the other day has stayed with me. 'When you numb your pain, you numb your joy'. So true. That aside, I guess I am just not the flat lining type. Have you seen Brene Brown's TedX talk, the Power of Vulnerability? She's one of my heroes. 


  1. Being outside really does take the edge off troubles. And seeing wild things too! I love the photo of jed, it seems to represent where you are at looking forward with hope.
    Happy weekend x

  2. Anissa, glad to hear you are coming through your tough times. What a solace that young one must be, and also your closeness to nature. Jed looks so confident and at home in the environment in the photo of him walking along the path.

  3. so glad to hear you are both in a good place, wondering about a little school hol adventure out your way...think its time we introduced Otis to the wild west coast