Monday, September 2, 2013

down the line

There are some things that never change. Our trips down the line to see friends and family pretty much always involve a lot of fruit and veg fresh from the tree or garden, eggs fresh from the chicken, wine in the evenings, staying at Jed's godfathers (hanging out with chickens, wild black bunny, the sheep, horse-riding lesson with Mandy and playing with Lily the boxer non-negotiable), a visit to Steve's amazing workshop (he gets sent vintage cars and motorbikes from all over the world to nurse back to health) and Jed's fabulous out-the-window photos from the unavoidably long stints in the car.

I love these photos Jed took. There is alot of NZ like this...hills denuded of native bush now populated with sheep and cows. Their lack of shade and water always upsets me but this time I noticed a practice called 'strip feeding'...where a field of say, oats, is grown and the cows get to eat it in strips. The farmer comes once a day and moves the electric fence six inches or so. Then later comes to feed them hay. It takes them minutes to eat the strip of crop and the rest of the day they just sort of sift around. Seems to be they were more aggressive and kinda shiftier than I had ever seen cows. I mean, these are grazing animals right?! With no grazing in sight. So sad. 

Hop along, the one footed chicken is doing great. She is a favourite of Jed's. 

I love watching Steve's face light up when he talks about his work or a new band he's discovered. I hope I can still light up like that when I am of a certain age.

We break up the trip by splashing out at a motel and usually one near natural thermal areas so we get a hot swim in. It's become a bi-annual pilgrimage of sorts...a time to re-group, reflect and generally step out of daily life and connect with other rhythms.

Love this look. It's a rare one. He was stoked. Emmy was a gorgeous pony that Mandy was looking after and she was so sweet and gentle with Jed.

Black bunny is a second generation feral rabbit. They had a pet rabbit, a black lop ear, who escaped.  A few months later a tiny black perky eared baby rabbit appeared on the lawn and years later, is still around. 

We were also lucky to sit still and watch a group of six deer emerge from the bush, graze and rest. Magical. (I forced myself to stay with the moment and not run for a camera!)


  1. looks like you had a fabulous holiday x

  2. It's been an er, 'interesting time' it was good to step away into another world for awhile. xx