Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I am under instruction to post this video on the blog. The six year old's orders. He's a big EcoMan fan. It's Growmama's first ever video. Whoop!

So, years ago, when I lived in a little french stone house dug into the hillside dating back to the 1600's, I ordered, all the way from little old NZ, ecostore products. France soon caught up with eco products so I could alleviate the transport/shipping guilt and buy local, but my point is that NZ's ecostore was a world leader in green cleaning and health products back in the day. They still are.
Malcolm Rands, seconded by Melanie and supported by their kids founded Ecostore and it's still going strong. Malcolm has a book out, called EcoMan that is sure to be a good read.
The video is written by the very talented Ahi Rands, Malcolm and Melanie's daughter.

And no, I am not being paid to promote them. I just like to support good people and projects. And that video...it's too good not to share. xx

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