Thursday, September 5, 2013


New acquisition alert. 
It has to be really good for me to bring it home.
We do live in 80 metres squared. No walk-in vintage wardrobe for me!
These fabulous vintage new green leather sandals came from the Hazel May Vintage Sale.

After the first rush of having 20 people through every ten minutes had passed and the doors were open wide, I had a wander through. For the first time. Not working, not doing anything in particular, just browsing. It didn't seem like there was much left. Looks were deceiving.
Claire asked if I had seen the green leather sandals. She said it with her eyebrow up so I knew I had to see if they had been sold yet. 

They hadn't. And they fit perfectly. I paid for them pronto. I have never had a brand of shoe that rhymed with labia before. Fabia, no less! Love to know the story behind that name. 


  1. LOVE them! I'd raise an eyebrow over those beauties too!

    1. I know huh?! Can't believe they were still there after the vintage seeking hordes had descended!