Sunday, September 8, 2013

a day out

I picked up two friends and we headed for Auckland's annual Vintage Textile Fair. It was like stepping into another world for the morning. And so lovely to share it with these two beautiful women; Angela of Mermaids Purse and Sam of The Elves and the Woodbotherer. How was that sign at the entrance?! I wondered what they had set up for the menfolk, but it pointed to the bar.

So inspiring to wander and fondle all that fabric! I fell in love with a silk navy day dress from the 1920's and a straw boater, but alas, not anywhere near my price bracket. The Blueberry Vintage ladies stall was my favourite, their collection was exquisite. I would link to them, but can't find them online anywhere. 

I recognise so many of the fabrics and prints now. Not to mention the stallholders and many of the's a small city/country.

Most of my finds come from thrift stores/op shopping adventures over the years but i did come home with a pile of beautiful vintage pillowcases. I want to make a big batch of my pillowcase bags

 I was very restrained. These days, if a piece of fabric is coming home with me I need to love it. I just had an enormous clean out of my fabric stash and donated a mountain of it to the local thrift store. No point in filling up the space again. 

Just stepping out of daily life and talking over teas and coffee was a treat in itself. 
Yay for friends and vintage fabric!


  1. Yay! It was fun and everything was so beautifully displayed. xx S

  2. Looks beautiful...I thought about going but it's something Isabellavand I have always gone to together and I just didnt want to go without her.

  3. It looks like a fabulous outing, and how restrained to just come home with pillow cases!

    1. Ahem. Did I not mention the vintage fabric I bought to make Jed some shorts?! Still fairly restrained though. x