Thursday, September 12, 2013

Te Wao Nui

The little guy woke up and had his heart set on going to the zoo.
Funny when we do that. Just wake up and feel like we HAVE to do something. 
He had to wait 24 hours, but the day we went was a stunner.
The favourite exhibit this time 'round?
Te Wao Nui.

 Te Wao Nui is made up of six different exhibits that showcase the diversity of New Zealand plant and animal life.The Coast, the islands, wetlands, the night, the forest and the high country. Although it was a little bit strange as we do see many of the birds and geckos at home. Jed was outraged to see tui's caged (in their defense slightly, it was a huge cage) and planned to sneak back later to free them. 

The kea stole the show in the High Country exhibit. They were on fire that day. There was no-one else in there and they were totally curious about us, following us about and put on quite a show.

The Auckland Zoo has done such a good job with Te Wao Nui. It's the newest part of the zoo. I remember going to that zoo when I was a girl. It has come a long way since then. The topic of whether it's okay to keep wild animals in captivity always comes up when we go to the zoo. Often brought up by one of the zoo keepers. I like that they are open about the issues. It's always interesting to hear Jed's thoughts, he is such an animal person. 

It has a good feeling around that zoo. I have known several people who've worked there over the years, both say it was the best place to work ever. I believe it. It's easy to spend the day there.

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