Monday, September 23, 2013

transforming vintage pillowcases

At the Auckland Vintage Textile fair I was mainly after two things: vintage pillowcases and inspiration. I got a healthy dose of both.

Once I got the vintage pillowcases home I realised some weren't fit to be transformed into my bags. Do you all remember this post? ... about the bag I created out of a vintage pillowcase? And the tutorial I posted for it. A few years after I had posted them both went crazy viral on Pinterest. Like a gazillion pins or something insane. I love all the comments that came through that craziness. 
I still use my pillowcase bags alot and it was time to make some new ones.

Nothing beats the prints on vintage fabrics. And the shopping bag you get out of one is super easy to make and washes easily. Ours gets used for the library, swimming, farmers market, op shop hauls...they are handy to have around.

Vintage sheets and pillowcases are getting hard to source in Auckland op shops these days. If anyone finds a good stash, sing out! 

There is a pile of vintage clothing alterations, summer sewing and new inventions all cut out and waiting for my attention on my crafting table. At this month's Sew Fun retreat I pretty much sat in front of the fire, drew designs in my black book, made a list of everything I want to make and, oh, talked. There was a bit of that. So nice. And have I told you that Sew Fun is a co-operative now? After two years, it has a life of it's own. We all take turns to organise it. Love it. xx 

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  1. These bags are awesome, i'm going to go thru mums linen cupboard and the bach's!!!