Tuesday, October 1, 2013

rune language

I discovered that Jed invented his own 'rune language' this week. There are all sorts of notes and messages all over the house in this cryptic language. I think, in all this learning to read and write stuff, it's a) fun and b) super empowering to be the author of your own language. I love it.

 One of the things he wrote was his will. Apparently, everything is going to Amon and Arlo, his much loved cousins. This week anyway! Death has been on his mind. He drew a beautiful picture of his and his rabbit's graves side by side, with himself with his arms wide open 'giving me a huge hug'. Exploring and processing things through art and play. It's a child's most important work. Kinda amazing to watch it all unfurl.

We may be on 'holiday', but the learning never stops.

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  1. That is so touching, writing his own will. That boy is in touch with the full spectrum of life. And I love his rune language - how very inventive. Those shapes could easily be carved into wood. Does he have a set of little wood carving tools? I had one once, similar to lino cutting tools but a wee bit stronger.