Saturday, October 26, 2013

the learning flow of play

I love watching kids at play. And how it changes as they grow. It is incredible how much they learn through their play, how the work through new things they've seen in the world, through their play. So much of their making sense of the world as it opens to them, is done through their play.

I love how a maths session with cuisnaire rods, turns to a counting game, then to castle building. 
I love how the conversation goes from who lives in the castle and it's different features to somehow comes around to engineering stability and which 3 D shapes are more stable than others. 

It's been a very busy week for me. Frustrating because most of that was down to people not following through on their part of the work. So I hadn't factored in so many hours work. But you know, that is just life sometimes. Those quirky curveballs. 

By grounding myself by allowing time to sit, sew or move, eat good food and time out to be with friends in beautiful natural surroundings...I feel okay. A little fried, but not bad, considering.

We have a few more busy few days coming up. All good stuff, but out-in-the-world busy times. I have been looking forward to it all and also savouring little peeks ahead to the quiet week to come.
In breath, out breath....


  1. Curveballs can suck but I prefer to think of them as sent to us to make us appreciate the quiet times. I googled the rods, what a blast from the past!

    1. Aren't the rods great...i remember them from primary school too. x

  2. Now following from