Friday, November 22, 2013

a call for kindness

I had all sorts of other ideas for blog posts today, but this is what is on my mind alot these days.
Kindness. What a simple beautiful act being kind can be. Being kind to ourselves. To others. I tend to feel overwhelmed at this time of much to do, and the increased pace that the summer brings reminds me that really, I prefer the promise of spring and the winding down of autumn.

It can be a powerful force, kindness. Going easy on my self and heading for the beach and a play even when deadlines are looming. Being kind to my boy when he is super tired and grumpy. Being kind to strangers. A smile or an understanding look can go a long way to lightening someone else's load. 

I keep a bottle of bubble potion and balloons in my bag. Jed or I will hand them to a frazzled mama with tired kids when we are out and about. It feels good inside to be kind. In the act of giving, you benefit too. It's good medicine all round.

I notice something about social media. There are so many great things about it. But one drawback I have been dealing with in a few different places in my work and blog life, is how easy it is for people to  be unkind or write unpleasant comments. Most don't. Most speak their truth. I don't need every comment to be positive. I want them to be real. But some (and not here in this GrowMama oasis thank goodness) feel like dumping, or leave a bad feeling. I suspect those folks wouldn't say those things in person. In the coldness of print on a screen we lose alot of context and there isn't much softness, much is left to interpretation. And so, I send out a call for kindness. In our daily lives. To pay attention to what we send out into the world. Speak in a way that can be heard, in a way that we would be like to be spoken to ourselves. And lets remember, even in a company situation, there are real people behind that company logo.

For those that were there, wasn't Banners on the Beaches -protesting deep sea oil drilling off the coast of NZ - incredible today?! It made my heart sing to see so many people out there with their handmade banners having a good time. My computer has crashed with the windows 8.1 glitches so I can't offer any pics today...but I look forward to sharing them with you soon. Oh yes, and if anyone has a good local computer repairs guy let me know. 


  1. Great post Anissa! And we were at the beach yesterday, banners and all! Yeow!

    1. Thanks Stella! Jed's banner is still a treasured possession. Good times for a darn good cause. Goodness, I can't believe I have been 'too busy' to reply to all these beautiful comments ...bad bad blogger! That's what juggling freelance work and homeschooling does to my brain. Consider me reformed. Ahem. x

  2. Kindness - Such a valuable gift and it doesn't cost a thing!
    -The Chilly Dog

  3. What an inspirational article! Kindness is one of the virtues that must be practiced by all. Not only will it make you a better person, but a good role model to your children as well. Anyhow, I hope your computer has been repaired by now so you can continue to spread out good words such as this to brighten up someone’s day.

    Joel @