Friday, November 1, 2013

all hallows eve

My first Halloween here, the neighbourhood kids came to the door and I had no idea. Halloween wasn't around when I was growing up here in New Zealand. I scratched around and came up with dried fruit and muesli bars. Big fail! The next year, Jed was a few months old and I was delirious from sleep deprivation and couldn't face opening the door so I just didn't. Fail number two! From then on, I made sure to stock up on treats (with an effort to go easy on the packaging and preservatives) had them ready by the door.
Last year Jed announced that next year he'd like to go trick or treating. When the time rolled around he remembered and wanted to invite his local friends over for dinner and trick or treating up our street. But. Fate intervened and before I could get invites out, some local mums organised a massive Halloween party in the park. Jed was disgusted. Not his scene at all.
So, we came up with Plan B. Which was a stroke of brilliance. We invited one of his best buddies and accompanying mama out from town for a Halloween feast and sleepover. Jed's first. Jed came up with the menu.

As I prepared the meal and he was waiting for our friends to arrive, he swept, tidied, dusted, decorated the front porch and laid the table. Totally unprompted by me. It felt so good to be working together, preparing for good times with our friends.

The kids had a blast. We know pretty much everyone up our street and joined forces with some of the more seasoned trick or treaters. As far as door knocking went, we were pretty light weight, our kids went to three houses. It was perfect. One of our neighhours had a big bowl of strawberries and marshmallows to dip in chocolate sauce which I thought an excellent idea.
These two are the sort of friends who can play and play for many hours without any sort of parental assistance, it's so easy. The mama's too for that matter. It's a good mix.

They kept saying 'This is the best Halloween EVER!' Sweet.

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