Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jack Rascal - one lost bunny

One of Jed's favourite things is 'Animal Rescue'. We got a do a real live one on Friday. We had just got home from town and our neighbour appeared all flustered saying he had just seen our rabbit loose at the end of the road. Eek. Poor Jed's face just sank. We dropped everything (literally, I retrieved a plate from the bushes later) and ran. It was a mini-lop bunny sure enough, and I can understand the confusion, but it wasn't ours.
Jed and I worked like the well oiled team we are and brought the wily l'il dude home.
He has been dubbed 'Jack Rascal'.

Jack's been spotted by lots of folks on nearby streets for as long as 6 months, so he's a survivor. He has a few scratches and scars to show for it. He still smells faintly of engine oil too. Tough world out there for a bunny.

The bunny brothers seem to like each others company. We've set up Jack up in a temporary cage next to Chester's and have been trying to find Jack's people. This area has been known as a 'dumping ground' for unwanted animals in the past so that could be what happened. He's a super snuggly guy, someone must've loved him up. But if we don't find where he's come from, we'll have to find him a new home. (These two just try and hump each other all the time, which is not much fun and er, difficult to explain to visiting small children.)
I have an ad up on trademe, on pets on the net, on the local online community news site, facebook pages and a sign up in the local store. We've talked to the nearest pet stores, vets and mini-lop breeders. Anything else we could be doing?!
In the meantime, the brothers are doing shifts at being free range. If he is yours, or you fancy him get in touch!

UPDATE - BUNNY'S OWNER IS FOUND! And his real name is Houdini. Classic!


  1. How clever to catch a wily rabbit! Hope you find him a good home.

    1. It was very exciting! AND we have found his person now too. Happiness all round. We kinda miss him, such a character. x