Saturday, November 9, 2013

one of the best days

I'm playing catch up. This adventure was a few weeks ago but I am still basking in it's afterglow.
When I was pregnant with Jed, I had only just met his Dad. It was an oops of the most wonderful magnitude and such a welcome one. Anyway, I was freshly back to New Zealand after 16 years away and didn't know many people. I knew I needed to meet other mama's that I felt a kinship with. So...I started hijacking likely suspects. Yup. That's pretty much how it rolled. I sidled up to mama's I felt attracted to and just introduced myself. I lucked out. I met some amazing people through these random acts of bravery and those friendships stand strong today.

Some of these friends and their kids had moved to a beach community a hour or so north and a few weeks ago we finally made it to visit with them. All combinations of kids and mamas have a great connection and it was just bliss to have the day to share beautiful food together, play and adventure off up the stream, down dunes and disappear into other worlds in the pine forest.

As we backed out of their driveway, all sandy, sunkissed and windblessed, Jed asked when we could come back. I am so grateful for good friends. And it's a total bonus that these ones are homeschooling too.

How lucky are these kids to grow up out here? Being able to run wild, unpolluted water to explore in, creatures to find and learn about, dams to make, boats to float and a whole lot of love to go 'round.

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  1. I recognise the territory! - not just on the outside but also on the inside. Those friendships made when one is raising a little one are friendships for life. My little one played in that very same stream and now my granddaughter squeals with delight as she runs up and down it.