Wednesday, December 11, 2013

animal friends

We have been reading Enid Blyton's Adventure series lately. They are about four kids who stumble into the most hair raising adventures. One of the characters, Philip, loves animals and quite often will have one or two living about him. Mice have been known to pop out of his sleeve at odd times, a baby hedgehog asleep in his pocket and fox cubs following him around. He has a way with animals.

 Philip is Jed's favourite character in the books by far. Last Friday, at the local stream, with three pals, he found some sleepy skinks and was thrilled to have them hang out with him for ages. 

They were wandering around under his shirt, one curled up in his hair. Just like Philip! It was quite exciting. 

I think they finally warmed up and needed more room and they were gently placed at the base of lupin bushes in the sand dunes to find new homes. Though, I think left to his own devices, Jed might have brought one home in a pocket!

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