Wednesday, December 4, 2013

butterfly creek

This boy is big on animals. When we had to drop Uncle Kev off at the airport a few weeks back, I surprised Jed with a visit to Butterfly Creek. It's an animal farm with a beautiful rainforest habitat of butterflies and moths. 

He could have spent all day in there. Happiness. 

To be honest, it's not my favourite place. Both times I have been the people (except for a wonderful few exceptions) were very er, subdued. In the face of childlike enthusiasm any rudeness or malaise just seems magnified doesn't it?! But the little guy had a blast. And Mama sucked it up and had a nice time too.

We learnt alot about butterflies and Jed was stoked so many kept landing on him.

We managed to get to the tarantula encounter...that was pretty cool!

Mostly it was nice to kick back and hang out together. It's been a busy time, a bit of stress going down (mostly work related, boo) and we have gotten good at goofing off and doing something new every now and then. The stress causing things (and dishes!) are all there when we get back. I come back with a new perspective, which is always a good thing.

On a totally different note, I almost have my computer back in full working order and there's a backlog of goodness to post once i can download photos again. Oh how i missed my laptop...


  1. I love that first flower shot, I haven't been there for years (the admission price puts me off!) but it might be time for a return sometime soon.

    1. Must be a kind of passionflower?! I love it too, I had never seen a red one before. We went last minute, but otherwise things like this are made possible through a grab one deal. Love to meet up somewhere south one day. x