Thursday, December 12, 2013

celebration season

It's celebration season here. Jed has dear cousins and special friends who have their birthdays at this time of year. Such good times. And such a busy time of year to fit them into! I try to keep our lives rich but simple. There is a rhythm to our days and it suits us. It feeds us and soothes us. Allows us time to process and reflect and rejuvenate. 
But. Sometimes the nature of life is full and faster paced and it's fun to go with that too. It's been so wonderful to connect with family and friends I haven't seen for awhile.

Next week is all about our holiday gift making, planning and baking. Sweet making and soap making. It's alot about the making. 
I am hoping to fit in a little mama crafting too. Seems crazy when I look ahead into the week ahead but it feeds me and I am sure the spirit of making with seize me and I will ride it late into the night. Just got a funny feeling. Y'know?!

Happy Birthday Cameo and Tama, Arlo and dear Sofia. xx

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