Monday, December 16, 2013

Micro holiday

Two years makes a tradition right?! We were booked to go camping with my cousin and his family but the weather forecast looked a bit dire for two nights in tents with small people. We were very kindly offered the use of a fabulous bach in Onetangi on Waiheke Island instead. 
Sods was as scorching as New Zealand gets all weekend, not a drop of rain in sight. But we were glad of the being there. Such a magic spot.

And it has to be said, what a nice change it made to be swimming at that beach and not ours...which is often treacherously wild

We tumbled out to the beach at 6am, fed the kids cereal out of those little boxes as the sun rose, took long walks, ate good food, pottered around the market, took naps, had many swims and mostly camped up under a huge pohutakawa tree that someone had set an awesome swing onto. And even Christmas baubles. There were two big white birds with yellow around their heads that were divebombing from high up into the crashing waves after fish, right where we were swimming...i couldn't get enough of watching it, so graceful and yet, sheesh, kinda spooky in it's intensity. I haven't made it to the bird books yet. But they were very cool.

It's been a rough time, and I felt the most relaxed I had felt for ages. (Geek alert: Also how cool is technology that I can roll out work blog posts and facebook posts automatically, having created and scheduled them earlier in the week...gotta love that!)

I was a tomboy and my cousin and I were close when we were kids, now we watch our kids running wild together. It's pretty cool. Plus he partnered up with one of the coolest ladies on the planet. 

Tents were up in the garden and there were bunks. Good times.

Waiting for the ferry back to the mainland Jed and I hung out on the pontoon watching the fish. And the seagulls catching the fish. Jed peered over the edge and between the portions of pontoon and discovered a whole magical undersea world under there...

Big fish lurking, crabs, shrimp and something excitingly unidentifiable. Fascinating.

This week is looking full of friends, swims, tying up end of year work things before I take a break, baking and making gifts for loved ones. We'll be making our annual delivery to the City Mission. I plan on keeping it simple and relaxed. 

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