Sunday, December 29, 2013

the garden of abundance

My garden is a riot of self sown and planted beauty. Spike, the hedgehog we released for the rescue centre has done a stellar job of keeping slugs out of the garden edibles and medicinal plants. It may look like an overgrown tangle but there is a plan to the madness. I like to let one of each plant go to flower for the hoverflies and bees. First thing every morning I go down to the garden. To pick, or just to sit and watch and take a few deep breaths. We had 22 people for lunch on Boxing Day and all the salad came from our garden. I love that. That salad bowl was my favourite dish on the table. Such vibrant colours! Most people who came brought produce from their gardens too. 
Gardening is alot like life I think: you decide what isn't feeding you anymore and haul it up by the roots, chuck it in the compost so it isn't wasted and can be transformed into something new. You get to direct your energy into something new. Reflecting, weeding out what is done, or not healthy and re-focussing our energies into the new. That's the process I am engaged in as we approach 2014. I am excited and bit terrified of the year to come.

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