Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dreaming up the Year to come

 Jed and I got home from an early morning airport drop off on New Years Day and I fell to a migraine, and Jed fell to sadness. He misses his cousin.
It wasn’t the New Years I had planned. Life is like that sometimes. I wanted to be at Prana Festival. I felt a strong pull in that direction and it was hard to let it go. It wasn’t so much NYE. I am not so hot on those. It was the event itself, the people and feeling of being at home I craved. But it was good nonetheless. (Thank you Hanna!)
It’s been a very full house for a week with much magic unfolding in every corner and some hard stuff lurking in the corners for good measure. I am only now (the other side of the migraine – I hope) reflecting back on it all and the year that was.

 2013…I set out with a clear intention to create a right livelihood worklife based from home and I have done that in a beautiful way. It’s been a year of learning how to juggle work and parenthood. And of figuring out where our learning journey lies…at home for now – yay!
I have let go of creating for my label, GrowMama. And I let go of doing markets. I just couldn’t fit it in and it didn’t make sense financially. After four years it was time to move on.
Those were two big changes.

When I look back on my hopes and plans for this last year I can see where I charged ahead and manifested what I needed and where I got in my own way. So useful, writing it all down! I use Leonie Dawson’s ‘Create your Incredible Year’ workbooks. Tonight I ordered both her life and biz workbooks for 2014.
Oh, 2014 I have great hopes for you, but I am a little scared. I think I will need to bust out of a few comfort zones again and the thought brings the familiar feelings of excitement and the tightening of fear. Tonight, in my quiet house, I will begin dreaming and scheming up the year to come. I want this year to be more about me. I would like to reconnect to that spontaneous lighter me. That playful free spirit that laughs long and loud and at the strangest things. Jed can guide me well in that quest I am sure. Children have it down! I want to eat more raw and vibrant foods, I want to practice more conscious mindfulness, feed my soul be being with people I love more, I need to write, I want to bring more of myself to this blog and I want to dance. I love dancing. I cannot remember dancing wild once this whole entire year. That is so sad to me. And speaks loudly of my mindset this past year.

As a move in that direction, I booked myself into the Mana Retreat Centre’s Day Retreat with one of my favourite teachers in the Southern Hemisphere, Stephanie Dowrick, for later this month. 

Bring it on, 2014!


  1. You will do all of those things and more. Happy new year Anissa x

    1. I was just looking through my workbook last much has changed and shifted already only a few months into the year. I have me some big exciting plans to announce soon. (Barely suppressing a grin!) Can't wait to see what you get up to too Stella! Someone organise a blog conference please...I can't believe we haven't met yet!

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