Sunday, January 12, 2014

kakamatua adventure

I am sitting at my desk in my room surrounded by stuff. You know how when you embark on a thorough clean out, how things get messier before they get sorted out? The piles? And the projects in the go? Yup. I'm surrounded by them. It's late and I have reached my limit so have distracted myself by listening to Sarah Jarosc(I LOVE npr's Tiny Concerts so very much), studying up on camera's (I really really need to upgrade) and looking at photos from the last few weeks. We set out to explore some new beaches and swimming holes this summer. Last week we met up with some lovelies from one of our homeschooling groups and ran wild at the Kakamatua Inlet. Rocks to climb, caves to explore, shrimp colonies in rock pools, crabs, trees to climb, wonderful company and a great stream to swim in if the tide is tricksty. A word of warning, the tide comes in super fast there!