Tuesday, January 21, 2014

mason jar fun

Mason jars get used for all sorts of things around here. Science experiments, sun teas, food storage, paint mixing...they are on high rotation. I came across a blog post about salads-in-a-jar by Cassie of the back to her roots blog and tried out her chili and lime salad recipe. Delish! I used to prepare meals in mason jars years ago in my commune days so it's a nice blast of memories every time I see the jars in the fridge.

 I am  not a consistent person in the food department...I will do lots of baking and food prep one day and put together meals from that days efforts in the following busy days to come, so prepared salads in a jar are perfect for me. I can throw one in my handbag when i have a day in town to eat between meetings. Everyone carries salads around with them don't they?!

We've also been experimenting with different flavoured waters. This one is mint, lime and lemon with rain water. Three out of four ingredients from right here on this land, and the limes left over from the salad in a jar prep. Nice to have a special drink to have on the deck after a busy day of meetings and town stuff, or, on a quieter day, when we get back from the beach. I think this was the only photo from yesterdays download that didn't have a small person or a rabbit popping into the frame. Some days are like that!

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