Tuesday, January 7, 2014

swimming with eels

We have been summer adventuring close to home lately. I missed out on Prana Festival but the beauty and the beautiful people have been around me anyways. Jed and I cast forth the intention to discover more places for exploring and swimming and it's been awesome. SO many amazing places within an hours drive of here. This little swimming hole just down the road has been the favourite respite from the winds and rips of the beach lately.

It even had a dodgy rope swing out over the stream. Fun.

A dam to build up. Stones to kaplonk. A deep plunge pool just outside the border of the photo.

Groovy water creatures to investigate. Plant or animal? My votes on animal. If anyone knows what these critters are, nature geeks over here would love to know. Nature makes the very best art...check out those colours.

This is the eel whisperer's pose. You keep really still and they'll come up to you. (I move around. Quite alot)

Shade of a beautiful tree and native birds. Long grass for hiding in.

The aforementioned eel. One of them.

Picnics, swimming, fresh plums, peaches, berries and nectarines to snack on, coming home tired and happy and late for dinner...Summer!

Jed and I have come up with our annual Summer adventure list. We brainstorm up all the things we want to do together and then check them off. Nothing like casting forth a firm intention to have some good old fashioned connected fun!

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