Wednesday, February 26, 2014

camping in the coromandel

Found on a wander through an old pine forest to the beach: lairs and huts and burrows. The air was sweet with the smell of pine resin.

We found signs of dinosaur life...these were their nests Jed said.

But the pull of the sea drew us on.

Resting and nesting as we went.

The view from our bed.

I am not usually nationalistically pridefully inclined but this flag flying on a piece of tree on an otherwise deserted beach was too good to walk by and leave unphotographed.

We discovered wildlife we hadn't seen before: the sand wolf (or seashore wolf) spider and a beetle that we have yet to identify. Plus plenty we knew well. The new spider identification book we'd ordered had arrived just as we were leaving home which was darn good timing. Jed has started keeping a nature diary which will be awesome to look back on in the years to come. He sees alot more than me. 

Much time was spent swimming or just being by the sea, someone spent alot of time in trees, or under them. I got to explore Prana a little (somewhere I have wanted to see for ages and having lived in communes and various rainbow'ish gatherings for many years felt completely at home) and seconded a friend catering a beautiful wedding there on the weekend. It was super hot for a full day in the kitchen let me tell you! And the weather wasn't ideal...the NZ summer is flighty thing. On Sunday night we were awake until 4.30am in galeforce winds wondering if the new tent was going to hold up. The winds finally died down and then POP! Our new mattress bust. And deciding to go into the nearest town to recover, the car battery had died. One of those times. Funny. Nothing to do but laugh. (After coffee)
But, drama and all, it was good. I got to see my friend Sheena and her bellydweller and the fantastic Mr Billy Star on the way back home. She showed us the most awesome swimming hole in their nearby stream. 5 stars! I am already looking forward to going back.

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