Friday, February 7, 2014

depth and the danger factor

A new snorkel and flipper set required a trip to the stream for it's grand debut. Having emerged from hours at the computer for work I was happy to oblige. This stream is nice and deep at the moment, with eels coming far up to the beach end, something I hadn't seen before. This makes it ideal for snorkeling on two counts. Depth and the danger factor. (Those eels aren't shy!)

Jed taught himself to snorkel a few seasons ago, but he is super into it at the moment. 

He walked all the way back like this. Funniest thing. 

It's been a summer of wind this year. Relentless. I get hot, head to the beach and then end up not swimming and reaching for a jumper instead as the wind chill factor hits. The kids don't seem to mind. Lots of folks getting caught up with sunburn as you don't feel the heat of the sun when the wind is up. Last night was intense. I was lying awake (power had gone off again) listening to branches and random items crash around, thinking about friends down the road who live in a beautiful house bus. It was bad enough in my little house. Nature aye?! 

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