Monday, February 17, 2014

Plant Medicine workshop

Ever wanted to know what plants that grow locally can be used safely as medicine for everyday ailments like cuts, colds, coughs and sore throats?
The old wise women I learned much of my herbcraft from extracted a promise from me. They were horrified that the knowledge of how to support our selves and our families well-being with plants was dying out. They saw it as our birth right. I got to learn with them in their villages in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, but I also had to promise I would continue to teach these basic skills. And I do. Each year I give a few Plant Medicine workshops on a sliding scale. You get me on email as support thereafter. 

Plant Medicine Workshop 
Saturday 8th March
at a beautiful Titirangi venue (to be disclosed on application)
from 10 - 1pm.
$30-$45 sliding scale.
Includes homebaked morning tea and a copy of my Plant Medicine handbook
Numbers are limited.

Contact me on anissaljanta(AT)gmail(DOT)com to secure your space.
They are always a lovely time.
You can find more information about the Plant Medicine workshops and handbook HERE.

And I would love it if you could spread the word and send this link to anyone you think might be interested. I, er, have been a little tardy at getting the word out this time. Busy summer!

(I need one person to attend free of charge as a kind of assistant help set up, take photos, pack down and prepare morning tea. If this is you...please be in touch)

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