Wednesday, February 12, 2014

the new camera happy dance

After years of loyal service, my trusty point and shoot digital camera became thoroughly cantankerous. With my social media work and blogging, this was a problem. Every so often in a random while, I'd take a whole days worth of shots and then be disappointed to download them - they'd all be blurry. And for no darn reason. So...after months of procrastination (these NEVER come up at the op shops) I have entered the realm of 

This is very new exciting territory for me. I did a happy dance at the first download of images. I am astounded at the difference in quality. And so ready to take my photography to another level. 

Bear with me while I work out some glitches and get my stride on. Then, look out!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes. Interesting character that one...he slept draped over my tum when I was pregnant, refused to move during labour, even when I threw up on him, and them used to go out of his way to give baby Jed a wallop when he was tiny. You never quite know if he is going to purr or hiss. But very handsome!

  2. I'm not really anonymous! It's Jo Q loving the new camera! x

    1. If only I had it at Fraser's party hey Jo?! Ah well. You'll just have to throw another one. x