Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby forest gecko

For the last few years there has been a forest gecko living in the old Sky dish metal pipe on the outside of our deck. Then we saw TWO gecko heads popping out to sunbathe. Now the fruits of their union...a baby forest gecko on Jed's tree house! 

MUCH excitement, quiet examination and contemplation ensued.

This same treehouse has been taken over by a family of weta, but I don't think this little guy is up to tackling them yet. Jed was a bit concerned about his lack of camouflage. Forest gecko are nocturnal and usually will find a place to 'be at one with a tree', or failing that, hide, during the day. This little fellow has a bit to learn yet. He did de-camp to a leaf later in the day. Slightly better than plywood, but still looking like a mighty fine snack for a bird.

I do love living here.

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