Friday, March 7, 2014

damson! it's one of those days

 A friend planted a damson plum tree on some local wild land and it's fruiting furiously. She was kind enough to give me some and it was taste symphony. Just beautiful.

These old varieties of fruit just have such intense and complex flavours going on. And they look like a large blueberry,a teeny size for a plum!

I have some damson plum sauce simmering. I am making the recipe up as I go along (as I often do) and had a near miss when I got chatting and saved it from burning. Things are repeatedly stressful with one part of my worklife and I am feeling it. I am asking myself those deep questions. What is my part in this? What can I shift? How can I let go? Is it worth it? And seeking honest counsel from wise friends. Thank goodness for honest counsel from wise friends. And tarot. Tarot cards are that uninvested impartial perspective too. When I am selecting cards and one keeps leaping out of the pack while I am shuffling, again and again. The one I don't want to see. Yup. Changes afoot. Bother! Just when I was happy with where things were at. Life is funny like that. Has life thrown any curveballs your way lately?


  1. I haven't seen damsons since my childhood. They bring back some good memories. Life keeps changing. Just when I reach a plateau I find I begin another growth spiral. Ah well, better than being bored and stagnating. I find if I listen to what's calling me I usually get the clues I need. Sounds as if that's what you are doing too. Blessings to you as the season shifts.

  2. Hi Juliet, Ha! yes...better than being bored and stagnating...true! Shudder! I am listening to what is calling me, but just feel so stuck at the moment. Moving through it slowly...but loving autumn in the meantime. I love this time of year. Maybe next year you can come out to harvest from the damson tree with us?