Friday, March 21, 2014

milking summer

 It has been quite the summer. The boy and I have been the busiest we ever have together. Lots of new friends on our homeschooling journey, work craziness for me, and just out and about. Jed has been in the water most days...either the sea, stream, waterhole, pool or out of desperation in town, running around under people's garden hoses. 

I know it is officially autumn, but we're still busy milking summer. Eking it out. I love the change of seasons...there is shift, a slight chill creeping into the mornings but the days are warm and beautiful. And there is a sense of savouring it all...holding my face up to the morning sun.

I've been kinda in limbo. I have two great projects I want to launch this year. My heart is right there, I have been super excited about them and I am asking myself why I am holding back. I realised that I just feel full. Juggling working (based largely from home apart from travelling in to meetings) and homeschooling, life and all it brings with. I know when I stop eating well that I am too stressed, or too busy. I need to clear some space, make some changes so I can breathe those projects into life in a way that is healthy for me. I want the kind of life that has me and those around me eat beautiful homemade food. I want to be present to the magic in life and if I am too busy for too long I lose touch with that mindful awareness. 

I think I know what needs to shift but I am not sure how it will all unfold. Right now, I am waiting. Keeping life simple, preparing beautiful food and waiting. For the right time. For launching these great projects to feel right, for them to elicit a huge roaring YES inside. I have no shortage of great ideas and projects/people I would like to support, but I do have a limit on the time and energy I have to give. I am a classic for over-committing myself.

I haven't been reading much in the way of other bloggers work lately...but the other night, I was looking at a weeks plan that looked way too full to be comfortable (or full of any decent food) when I stumbled across this post by Jodi of Practicing Simplicity. YES! 
It really spoke to me. I said no to a few things and the world didn't end, I breathed easier and we had an awesome week. 
Life can be like gardening huh? Sometimes, I need to do a bit of pruning and make space for the new to grow. 

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