Wednesday, March 26, 2014

sand art

A few days before we left for a camping holiday, Jed and I saw a famous sand artist at work at our home beach. We just happened upon him working. I had just shared some photos of the guy's work on facebook that previous night. Synchronicity at work!

The morning we were leaving the Coromandel, Jed and I found ourselves at the beach. I picked up a stick and began drawing in the sand. Jed quietly did the same. We were there for hours. So great to be alone yet with someone you love and both deep in creative space.

I find Jed to be freer with his self expression in a natural setting, especially with impermanent drawing or writing in sand. The fear of making mistakes is not present for him. Or me.

I saw a side to my son I had not seen before that morning. There was something of the adult in his face, in the way he depicted and talked about his work. 

Special times.

I especially loved the tree fern he drew. And the way the sea merged with our work as the morning drew on.

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