Thursday, April 3, 2014

a unique boutique

I am terrible at eating well when we are out and about. I rarely eat breakfast if we leave the house early. I just have no appetite first thing. And too many times, I would get edgy about 2 or 3pm and realise I hadn't eaten. Not good. And not the model I want to be for my kid. Solution? Pack a mama lunch as WELL as Jed's lunch. Jed has had a Goodbyn lunchbox that I have been envious of for a few years so I was thrilled to find Goodbyn was available in NZ. I found a lovely online shop called Unique Boutique and placed my order.

I ordered one of Goodbyn's small meal boxes and a dipper for my salad dressing. It was an investment in health and wellbeing. And I loved the parcel that arrived... beautifully wrapped and a little gift tucked inside. Before we had even washed that first small meal box, we ordered another, plus another dipper and a snack box. 

But then came the actual using of the boxes. Nobody could put the lids on. Least of all Jed, and in the back of the car, driving windy roads alot, as we do...well, that is not ideal. They were a different plastic to the original Goodbyn, the lids didn't fit easily, the Goodbyn bottle was just slightly too big to fit in the small meal box and the leak proof dippers leaked my salad dressing everywhere. I went from excited to disappointed pretty darn quickly. That original Goodbyn lunchbox was SO great...cut down on packaging as each compartment seals individually, the lid was easy to manipulate, a drink bottle fitted in. I still thoroughly recommend the original lunchboxes. 
I emailed Goodbyn and got a fast response which was great, but was disappointed all over again reading it - they basically said they knew the lids weren't great and to watch out for their new designs coming out in 2015. Not enough really. 
I emailed Unique Boutique...and what a difference. She was empathic, supportive and offered to give my my money back right away. I had a great experience buying the lunch boxes in the first place and I won't hesitate to shop there in future. Great customer service like that is SUCH a good business practice, as well as simply the right thing to do.
Unique Boutique's a good place!

What lunchboxes do you use?

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