Sunday, April 6, 2014


Grandad doesn't have a car so we picked him up one day and drove out to Maraetai. A major trip from where we live. But so worth it.

The photos from this day are so special to me. Maraetai was where my Nana and Poppa, aunties and cousins all lived. As a kid we were out visiting most weekends and I spent many happy holiday staying with Nan and Pop. So it's a place of many memories.

Jed had never been out there. It was a new place for him, but a BIG walk down memory lane for me and my dad. 

So cool to see Jed playing and swimming in the exact place I spent so many happy hours when I was a girl. He spent hours in the water. 

The waves were about 5cm high maximum there on the East Coast, so very different from the wild surf beach we live near. Kinda nice to be able to relax a bit (as much as you ever can near water with kids) and not have to worry about rips and surges.

Sometimes it is hard to find time in a busy life for days like these. But they are memories to drip feed a lifetime. A boy only gets so much time with his beloved Grandad. And me with my dad.

As a super triple dooper bonus, dear friends (Hi Emma and Chan and Sage!) are over from Australia and are staying at their friends place two doors down from my Nan and Pop's old house. Synchronicity at work there.

Em and Jed used to hang out while I wrote when he was a little guy and they have always had a special connection. Now Jed gets to hang out with Sage, Emma and Chan's baby. There was much excitement here when Sage was born and we hope to hang out some more before they go back over the ditch. Yup, special times. 


  1. thats localish to me, looks like you picked a great day for it x

    1. Hi Lisa...It was localish to us growing up too! And yes, we were so lucky with the weather. Lucky you having those beaches nearby. x

  2. It's our local beach and we love it too! It's SO busy over the summer months, we often head out after 3pm when most people are packing up to go home. It's a special place and lucky you to have such wonderful childhood memories there!

    1. We were lucky for sure. I didn't realise how much of that shaped me until I went back as a 'grown up'. Nice to think of you all there too. Be great to meet there one day.