Wednesday, April 30, 2014

roadie finds

So, okay, I couldn't do a road trip without putting the brakes on for a few op shops along the way. This was the extent of the haul though. If I was a dealer I could've brought back much more, but I am just me, a lover of beautiful things and vintage fabric fiend. Really...three items. Well, eleven if you want to count every silver utensil. I have been looking for silverware like my Nana's for an age, so this find brought a skip to my step in Whanganui. And the fabrics...a cotton/wool blend in autumn tones with a lovely drape and this vintage cotton with a fabulous kitchen print.

I realised while I was away that I hadn't been writing or crafting for months. This is not good. And 'too busy' just won't cut it for an excuse. No creative expression makes me far too serious a person. So! The trusty Bernina Nova is out...cushions for the new couch are underway and a pile of fabrics await my perusal for the next project. It feels good to be excited about making again. 


  1. Great finds! I fancy silver cutlery too but am put off my the prospect of having to hand wash it. It can't go in the dishwasher, can it?

    1. Hi Jen. We only ever put the dishwasher on if we have a house full of folk. I usually handwash, but that is a darn fine question. I don't put any of my vintage or retro china in the dishwasher so maybe not silver...have to find out now!

  2. Replies
    1. I know! I watched a woman pick it up as I was on my way over to grab it. I was lurking beside her willing her to put it down! My op shop mojo was working that day!
      One piece of that ended up one side of a new cushion which i quite like.