Wednesday, April 23, 2014

travels with tea

We are fresh from a road trip circling the North Island of New Zealand. Well, not quite. But almost! It involved lots of family and friends, a few adventures and many cups of tea. We stopped off at Waima in Taradale, my aunt and uncle's huge orchard that my cousin Mark and his lovely partner Leah now run. We had hooked up with my sister, her new man (I approve!) and Jed's cousin Amon to see Uncle Pete and Mark in action. It was great for the boys and fun for all pretty much. So cool to be walking the same paths we did as youngsters, watching our boys do the same. On our return we had a full boot of beautiful apples and golden kiwifruit. And they are so sweet and juicy. Nothing like produce picked yourself or by loved ones on land you have a connection with. 

The cousins in full apple picking mode. Note the blur of piwakawaka (fantail) at the top of the image. She followed us everywhere and I had everyone laughing as I tried to capture her on film. As soon as I focussed, she'd be off again!

Animal whisperer Jed came to my rescue.

Waima was in full fruit picking action. 

The amount of fruit was just astounding. 

Uncle Pete is truly the best. I love my uncle Pete. Too bad you were still in Fiji Auntie were missed! The boys were stoked to ride the quad bike with Pete, while us poor grown ups walked everywhere.

It was great to see the big orchard in full swing. As well as fun, it's another of those educational asides that you happen into.

And a big congratulations to my Uncle Rob and his new bride Robin. We were thrilled to be together with all our family for their wedding. (Er, apologies for interrrupting your ceremony with our slightly late arrival. This guy had a spectacular spin out on the scooter in full wedding regalia just as we were leaving.) May the years to come bring you much joy and comfort in each other. xxx

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