Tuesday, May 27, 2014

firewood time

Axeman Jack delivered our firewood last week. And, yes, that is truly our firewood guy's name. He also has very sparkly blue eyes, is super nice, has wild white hair and is missing quite a few fingers. Jed was convinced he was a retired pirate for years.

Stacking firewood is one of my very favourite things to do. This year Jed helped the whole time. In years past, he would get distracted after ten minutes doing some fabulous project and leave me to it. I think the difference was we both got distracted this time around. We found this lovely lady in our woodshed. You can just see my finger (it didn't stay there for long!) at the bottom of the frame for scale. She was a beauty of a spider!

And these critters got dubbed the 'Digger Art Beetles'. Quite astonishing what a little beetle can achieve.

Telltale perfect holes on the bark side of the wood point the way to beautiful bug art below.

Such a satisfying job. And just in time. The temperature plummeted to frost levels last night and we lit the first fire this morning. It was so cosy, homeschooling in front of the fire. x

Here's the firewood post from 2013. I guess you could call it a seasonal feature.


  1. What a lovely post! I love firewood and crackling fires. And teachable moments.

    1. I love it when learning hijacks us like that! x