Monday, May 19, 2014

beginnings of a crafty winter

Making stuff is one of the foundations to my happiness. Or my contentedness. I can get by on making good food and good deep conversation or organising for awhile, but really, I need projects. Of the crafting variety. Designing something, letting myself getting swept up into the feverish process of creating. After many years of hard service, our couch needed replacing and the new one needed cushions. Hoorah!

This beautiful vintage French cotton print was from Hazel's stash (that fantastic Retro and Vintage sale from awhile back). 

And this grey geometric cotton weave I was planning to use to make a yoga mat carrier, but it was calling out to be the other side of the cushions. It was a happy 50c find at a thrift shop. It is super soft and a beautiful weave. You can see the threadwork of the weave at the back of the fabric. I love handcrafted fabrics like that...the imperfections in the weave tell a story.

And, the picture above of all three cushions placed carefully will likely be the last time they are seen in that tidy formation. This new couch is rich in removable cushions...a boon for those who build forts and hold ninja training sessions. Put these new smaller cushions in the mix and anything is possible!


  1. What lovely colours and textures. I like a project too, and am wondering about a sewing project for the winter, but haven't yet decided what.

    1. Come along to Sew Fun Juliet! It is a cooperative now, but casuals are welcome. x

    2. good food, crafting, fabulous is all kinds of wonderful!