Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Birth, death, betrayal and bows/arrows

It's been quite the week. Birth, Death, Betrayal and Bows/arrows. And that's only the headliners. 

On May 16th, after a battle with cancer, a friend, Marione, died. Peacefully and surrounded by so much love at home at Twin Oaks Community. My old home in Central Virginia in the US. She was an incredible woman. Led by her heart and committed to social justice work and sheesh that woman could sing. She will be missed. The same night Marione died another friend at Twin Oaks went into labour. And so the circle turns. Plus, for bonus points, father of baby turns out to be another good friend. I had no idea. Clearly I need to be writing more often!

The betrayal has rocked both Jed and I. It was Jed who called it a betrayal. It's a big word, but on reflection, I decided it did feel like that to me too. I wish fervently he wasn't a witness but he was around, as kids are. It needs nothing more said here. I feel sad that Jed has witnessed it. But it is good that he can see me have a good cry and know that the big feelings pass with time. I guess when our children witness us dealing with big feelings and hard times they develop tools and emotional resilience too. We can tell them things but children truly learn from what they see modelled around them.

And the bows and arrows? Jed has started doing weekly woodworking sessions with a wonderful neighbour who is a super nice and very talented artist and woodworking wonder. Jed is so excited about it all. The connection they share, the workshop he gets to spend time in, gaining new skills, and the projects they are working on. 
First session? Bows and arrows galore. Second? Sword. What's not to love?!
This lovely person won't hear of me paying him. Yet what he is giving this boy is priceless. Life can be so wonderful.


  1. Huge loves to you beautiful lady. Xxxx

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