Saturday, May 24, 2014

no knead bread

You all know that I strive for a simple life right? My red flag is whether we are eating well. If I haven't made bread then I know things are a bit off balance. 

I make three loaves of my no knead 4 grain bread at a time. This leaves us with one to eat fresh, one to slice and pop in the freezer for toast and one to gift. 

There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread!
I learned to bake bread when I lived in French Pyrenees and when I moved to Twin Oaks, an intentional community of 100+ people, one of the things I wanted to contribute, was baking bread for everyone. This was a massive fail. For some reason all my bread making efforts on a large scale resembled bricks. This remains a mystery to me. When I told a friend who lived at Twin Oaks he said, 'Hmm, you know, I see you be good at so many things, it's kind of a relief that you fail sometimes too.' That was an interesting insight into how others saw me. (It didn't match up with my inner world.)
And for the record, he said the same thing when he tried to teach me to knit. 
True friends can be honest. In a very kind way. I love that about many of my friends. 

Here's a no knead white bread recipe that I'd like to try next. (We hardly ever have white bread so it has a kind of 'treat' status among the smaller of us) 

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