Thursday, May 22, 2014


This particular adventure is one we have been doing together for years. Not often, but it is always a good one.

This time I thought about all the times we had climbed up here. We're coming up to Jed's 7th birthday and the baby years are long gone. Now, I get glimpses of the young man emerging. It's a beautiful thing to get to be there for a child as they grow and change and push against you to declare their sovereignity, then lean against you to check that you are still there. It's quite the dance.

It is special to have this connection to the land here. Our turangawaewae. When we turn to the land and sit still awhile, the human world and silliness fades and we are left with ourselves. And if we can sit still long enough, that too shimmers and blinks out and we are just part of it all. It's good. Brings everything into perspective. Nature is good like that. 

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