Friday, May 30, 2014

sharing shoes

A few weeks ago, in a thrift shop with Jed, we found these awesome biker boots. I had been looking for some for years. Problem was, we both wanted them. Hmm. Turns out we have the same size feet. So we are sharing them! (It's probably not as generous as it sounds, I figure he will grow out of them in a month or so, ahem!) In the meantime, we have them on alternate days. This is a source of much hilarity. The kid is not even seven yet. I mean, I know I have small feet but the KID IS SIX! I am so going to be one of those mama's whose boy towers over her. 

We were on our way to the Auckland Home Educators annual History fair when we came across frost. Jed was in the middle of saying, 'Too bad we can't stop' as I was pulling into the rest stop. Moments like this are crying out to be seized. Frosts are pretty rare in our part of the world. 

The world was transformed, the sun just rising and all was quiet in that hush that frost brings. Well, it was quiet until we exploded out of the car all laughter and shouts of 'come see this', and 'AWESOME', and crunching all that delicious crisp whiteness.

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