Sunday, June 22, 2014

Homeschoolers are everywhere


We re-visited an old favourite the other day, Kiwi Valley Farm. It's not too far from us and it was Jed's all time favourite place to go when he was younger. Although he still loves animals, I wasn't sure how it would be now he is older. You know when you remember something from when you were small and then somehow, it's not the same? 
It took awhile to re-calibrate, but it's still a great place. We met the new owners, a young couple living their dream. Crystal told us about the beginnings of the farm and how the people who started it homeschooled their kids there. Her partner pretty much grew up there too. They have great plans for the place and it was good to know the animals we have come to love are in good hands. 

We met the most hilarious baby of which was trying to eat my bag. In between trying to stand on people and jumping on his friends. 

The day seemed full of homeschoolers. We met a few on our rounds and the beautiful woman who led Jed's horse around the ring was homeschooled. Laeticia is just one of those special people, and has a wonderful way with the horses.

"Homeschoolers are everywhere", he said. Eyes bright. And then, ..."and they are coolest people". Which could possibly be interpreted as a predjudiced sort of a remark but I took it as a sense of belonging to a group that is larger than our homeschooling circles. It seemed important. When you get asked all the time why you aren't in school when out and about during school hours, it's kinda nice to be in a place where homeschooling is seen as normal. 

This lady had such lovely eyes. 

This fellow liked sitting on his friend.

And this guy would have quite happily brought this guinea pig home. He was cute but sheesh, his constant chatter would have driven me nutty, I never met a pig who talked so much!

As a bonus, there is a lovely quirky little vintage shop on the premises next to the cafe. It's called A Sense of Place and is well worth a wander through.

I loved this dish. Bit of a leaf thing going on at the moment. 

Here's another trip to Kiwi Valley Farm a few years back. I like it there, I am glad the small one still likes it too. 

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