Saturday, June 14, 2014

in the fridge

There are often almonds soaking in my fridge these days. I find the longer I soak them, the creamier the almond milk they make. Plus I love them sliced in salads or in smoothies. A bunch end up dried and lightly roasted too. I learnt recently that raw foodies call that 'activating' them. I have been making almond milk at home since I got the Ladyship blender and it is one of those things that is just happiness to me. It is the simple things. Homemade almond milk. A colourful salad. The ritual of making and drinking tea. A favourite cup. A hot water bottle at night. My cat curled up purring on or next to me. The winter sun on my face. Gratitude for the little things is what gets me through the bigger icky things.


  1. I soak seeds and other things too. What bliss to make your own almond milk. I wish . . .

    1. The machine i have was actually very affordable Juliet. it juices, smoothies, grinds and blends. It's a Ladyship blender, i ummed and ahhhed and couldnt find one in the op shops! But I love it. SO glad i bought it.

    2. I could get tempted. Will check it out. Thanks Anissa.