Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ladies who lunch - Little Bird Unbakery

Last Sunday, I went into town. A dear friend celebrated her birthday with a lunch at Little Bird's Unbakery in Auckland's Ponsonby. 

I arrived a tad early and it was such a treat to wander alone and take photographs. I like to try on the 'if I lived in the city, what would my life be like' kind of mind game.  I think my front porch might look a bit like this one.

Years of living in big cities (which Auckland most definitely is not!) has left me with an love of rooftops and city.

I was excited to check out Little Bird's new unbakery cafe and it didn't disappoint. Lovely meeting some fabulous new women too. And the food! Oh my. So very good. Often in cafe's only one thing on the menu appeals to me but at Little Bird I could have ordered anything. I chose the taco plate. I do love Mexican flavours, all my comfort foods have that in common.

And the spicy hot chocolate with nut milk. Mmmm.

And, er...we had a choice of four raw desserts but er, I got carried away and forgot to photograph them until the very end. When only a tiny morsel was left. Sorry about that.

Little Bird is totally worth a visit (and more), the staff were as wonderful as the food. 

Happy Birthday dear Trace! Now, I wonder if I need to do a new monthly feature here on GrowMama checking out all the fab local eating. What do you think? Should Ladies who lunch become a feature?! Hmm, now who would sponsor such a thing...


  1. This place sounds worth a visit. I haven't heard of it before; must try and find it. I like the look of the hot chocolate with nut milk; what a treat.

    1. It is, I think, my favourite selection of food in any place i have gandered at the menu. xx