Sunday, June 29, 2014

Most Treasured Possession - Melissa Wastney of Tiny Happy

So excited about this series!
A little something to liven up our Mondays...
I have asked some lovely bloggers to share their most treasured possession with us and let us know why it is so treasured. 
Unfashionable in this age of decluttering, simplifying and tiny houses I know…but we all have our treasures.

This week with her Most Treasured Possession is Melissa Wastney of Tiny Happy.

My most treasured possession is a blanket. My grandfather died ten years ago, and after that my grandmother moved out of their shared house and into a retirement home because she needs a lot of care. I was given a few oftheir belongings, including a beautiful old radio, a red nutcracker and this woollen blanket.

The blanket is made from soft merino wool, slightly felted. It's a pale grey-pink, like the underside of a mushroom. There's an old label in one corner that says 'merino wool, mothproofed, MADE IN ENGLAND' so I know it was one of the precious things brought out with them when they emigrated to NZ in the 60's. 

Even though the blanket has had an interesting life in many of our different houses, I maintain that it still smells slightly of my grandparents' house, as I remember it. And that makes me think of staying the night there as a kid, and slipping into their big bed in the morning, under the blankets, with Concert FM on the radio, eating bits of toast with marmalade and trying not to drop crumbs. 

Thank you Melissa, I love it. I am taken back to holidays staying with my Nana and Poppa when I read this. 

Those of you who haven't yet discovered Melissa's blog, Tiny Happy, must do so, now!


  1. Lovely memories, thanks for sharing :-) One of my most treasured possessions is also a Nanna crocheted it (sometime before I was born I believe), it is a simple blanket of blue and white to fit a single bed. My Mum gave it to me when I left home, and it is my favourite warm and so full of happy memories of my Nanna, who sadly passed away when I was a teenager, before I learnt to knit and crochet to show her that her love of yarn and knitting had been passed on to me :-) I think of her every time I snuggle up in that blanket or pick up a pair of knitting needles or crochet hook :-)

    1. How wonderful. I feel closest to my Nana in the kitchen, I spent hours watching her bake when I was a girl. I treasure a few of her old kitchen tools. x

  2. that is a beautiful description of how childhood memories are connected to scent and tactile experiences, melissa.