Wednesday, June 25, 2014


When Jed started his woodworking sessions with a lovely neighbour/artist/wood wizard/jewellery maker two doors down, I had visions of handcrafted boxes. So funny how our expectations meet reality.
First session: Bows and arrows. Second and third sessions: a katana-like sword. Fourth session: dagger. Fifth: leather scabbard. You getting a theme here?!

All Jed's design. I am just amazed at how focussed and productive those guys are. Sometimes I get to visit and I love the camaraderie and smells of the workshop. Jed is one lucky guy. They mean a lot to him, these woodworking sessions. He is learning so much.

And who wouldn't want to hang out in a workshop like this?!

Beautiful vintage tools. Everything you need to's a kind of makers heaven.


  1. Nice work! What a treasure to find such a person close by. Lucky Jed.

    1. I know, he is a treasure, and Jed is super lucky. x