Wednesday, July 30, 2014

a little blip

My goodness. Excuse my the little blip in my blogging. My attention is wandering this week! It's the little guy's birthday week. (Yup, we milk it around here!) He loves to throw a party this one. Plans have been cogitating for oh, about a year and we have been busy making, baking and dreaming up his knights and castles party. I love the detail and research he has put into preparations this year. All food has to be authentic. I also love how he slipped in his beloved avocado sushi onto the menu by reasoning that a visiting samurai warrior taught the castle cook how to make it.

The invites he aged by coming up with a paint wash and having me singe the edges of the paper. We also had to hunt for a real seal and stick of sealing wax. Which I had never used before. Fun times. Seven. Wow. My boy is turning seven! He keeps asking me through out the day...'seven years ago mama, what we you doing exactly seven years ago?'
The best answer so far was 'throwing up on the cat'. Ahh, motherhood! 

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